By Eli Hernandez

Maintaining Divine Operation


Often times, young people and adults desire spiritual connectivity without the understanding of how to get there. Going to powerful events and experiencing contagious moves of God’s presence excites and enlightens us, but then, we find ourselves at a standstill. Where do we go from here?In “Maintaining Divine Operation,” Eli Hernandez addresses many of the struggles that young people and adults experience when trying to maintain a deeper, daily connection to the spirit world. He highlights the importance of maintaining one’s spiritual soil and keeping oneself connected through prayer, humility, and love.”In your hands are the blueprints for the end-time apostolic harvest and revival that has been prophesied about and prayed for.” -Rema Duncan”Prepare to learn, laugh, cry, think, and most of all, pray. You will access into a pure soil that is straight from heaven. Don’t take this one for granted.” -Josh Herring”I encourage men and women, who are hungry to enter into higher spiritual dimensions in the Holy Ghost, to read this book. It is in Eli’s words, exactly as taught by him. Enjoy.” -Jack Cunningham