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Rev. Eli Hernandez was an international evangelist and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty years, affecting many individuals across the United States of America and the world. His evangelistic travels spanned over 50 countries, where he held crusades and ministered in a vast array of circumstances. Whether he found himself ministering to a small group or a crusade of thousands, he expended all of his energies to preach and then pray for God’s supernatural movement to take place. Known for his passion, he witnessed countless miracles and operated in the gifts of the Spirit, imparting and prophesying wherever he went.   

Brother Hernandez resided in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife and daughter. He was a kind and loving father, husband, and friend. His excellent character and humility was known by all who knew him, and his caring nature was evident by the many friendships that he gained through his widespread ministry to others. He loved deeply and endeavored to share the Lord’s great love. He wanted to inspire others to experience the awe of the Glory of God wherever he ministered. In May of 2020, two days after his 60th birthday, he passed away of Covid-19, but his legacy continues to affect those who desire a deeper relationship with God.

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Meet Kathy

Kathy Hernandez received her B.A. in Music from Berklee College of Music, in Boston, where she also received the Holy Ghost through campus ministry, in 1982.  She is an anointed saxophonist and speaker, and was the wife of full-time Evangelist, Eli Hernandez. Eli and Kathy Hernandez enjoyed 35 years of marriage and 30 years as full-time evangelists; together, they engaged in evangelistic ministry world-wide and have produced 10 instrumental music CD projects. They have one child, their 19-year-old daughter, Charity, who helps them in their ministry. Kathy and her daughter currently base their ministry out of Las Vegas, Nevada, continuing to spread “the whole Gospel to the whole world.” 


I encourage men and women, who are hungry to enter into higher spiritual dimensions in the Holy Ghost, to read this book. It is in Eli’s words, exactly as taught by him. Enjoy.” -Jack Cunningham

– Virginia UPCI District Superintendent

Meet Charity

Charity Hernandez is the only daughter of Eli and Kathy Hernandez. She was raised on the evangelistic field, actively participating in ministry across the United States and the world. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Communication studies and enjoys speaking, writing, and ministering in music. She is also involved in campus ministry and music ministry in her local church.