Eli Hernandez

Revival in Progress, Inc

Palm Desert, CA

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Where One World has become the common thread of Nations abroad, this Kingdom of God has become the One World we are spreading this gospel to the Nations, until He comes!


Our recent travels to Europe with the missionaries, Robinette, Sayers, Thorpe and many others, has shown us that God is shifting this revival to every part of the World.

True miracles of the body, soul and spirit have truly happened! With the GSN (German Speaking Nations) on the move, we are having a divine move of God across the Nation’s in Europe and across the world!

Follow us as we follow Christ and partake of this divine revival.

You can be a prayer partner and financial partner with your tax deductible participation each month or one time.

We journey next to the harvest crusade in the Island of Grand Cayman where over 1000 will gather to see what God will do!

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