Eli Hernandez

Revival in Progress, Inc

Palm Desert, CA

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More about our ministries in Christ. Our world vision is to reach the gospel in as many countries possible in our life span. We have been graced with the privilege to travel to more than 53 countries to spread this blessing.We presently engage in the following ministry around the world. Crusade evangelism with very small teams that God directs us to choose. Our overseas focus is great but we are looking forward to spreading that base as God allows us. Our main itinerary stretches us from coast to coast in the United States of America, but the world is constantly calling for REVIVAL and we are ready to go as the Lord provides the means.


Our VISION spans the worlds and our MISSION spans the hearts of man!

We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! We believe that He is the ONLY wise God! We believe in ONE THRONE and ONE who sits upon that THRONE!



We believe you must be born again of water and of Spirit!


May God grant you the wisdom and strength to accomplish every task set before you until His soon awaited return.


Revival in Progress Inc

Non-Profit 501c3


Registered in the State of California

President; Eli Hernandez

Secretary; Kathy Hernandez

Board Members; James Stark,

Janet Trout, Arthur Hodges III